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About Us

Subsidiary of Craddock Oil Company Inc. 


Under the trade names of The C Stores, BlueSky, and On the Run, we currently operate 48 convenience stores and retail fuel locations across the state of Mississippi. We also distribute fuel and other products to 27 other independent dealers within the state. 


Founded in 1979 by Ron and Nancy Craddock, Craddock Oil Company sold approximately 100,000 gallons of fuel during our first year of operation. Today we sell more than 5.5 million gallons each month and employ over 200 people in various professions. One of our proudest accomplishments is the fact that the majority of our 48 management positions are filled by individuals who were originally hired for entry-level positions.


Mr. Craddock still serves as CEO with his sons David Craddock serving as President and Ben Craddock serving as President of our sister company, What A Combo Inc.


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